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Cheese Curler Friends - Oak

Cheese Curler Friends - Oak

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The Cheese Curler Friends Oak from the Life Collection is a unique cheese tool designed to be used when serving TĂȘte-de-Moine, P'tit Basque, Edam and similar cheeses. The knife is attached to a pin in the center which secures the cheese to the board. The oak wood board and stainless steel curling knife are then used to create pretty paper-thin rosettes, intensifying the true flavor of the cheese and creating an eye-catching presentation. Ideal tool to use on the appetizer or the dessert table for formal or a casual tabletop. Additionally, you can wow your guests by using the curler to create delicious curls of chocolate. The curler complements all of Boska's cheese tools and accessories creating a cozy, unique atmosphere to enjoy cheese with friends.

Price: $79.99